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Maurizio Capannesi (AKA MAOSAGAO), after a master degree in statistics decided to dedicate himself to his greatest passion: product and graphic design. He moved from Amsterdam, where he was working as an epidemiologist, to Barcelona. Here he first studied design as an autodidact and then attended a postgraduate course in furniture design at ELISAVA.

Growing up from an early age in an environment where art, painting and design were the daily bread he grew up between the workshop of his grandfather, a painter of the Roman school of the 1940s, and the architectural studio of his aunt, absorbing their teachings and forming over time a personal and original aesthetic, also characterized by a very peculiar use of patterns and colors in his graphic productions.


Red Dot Design Award 2012 Concept Category
Silver A’ Design Award 2013 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design
Golden A’ Design Award 2013 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design
IF Design Talents 2013 Finalista
ADI-FAD Medallas 2013 Seleccio
ArtFad Awards 2014 Finalista
ADI-FAD Delta Awards 2018 Seleccio

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